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RITUAL NIGHT - Producer / 2D Artist


April 2021 - Present

Team of 9 / Unity 2D / Multiplayer Social Deduction Game

A 4-6 player rogue-lite social deduction party game with no player elimination. Each day evolves with new magical powers as players cooperate or betray each other for the success or failure of the Cthulhu-summoning ritual.

Logo copy.png

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Preview of in-game wardrobe. All cosmetics drawn by me.

EAT KRAKEN - Producer, Level Designer, UI Designer, 2D Artist

January - May 2022

Team of 7 / Unity 2D / Single-player Restaurant Management Game

A single-player cooking game featuring a Kraken who must use itself as the primary ingredient while working overtime at a donburi restaurant. A juggle between losing and maintaining health in order to satisfy customers and stay alive.

EAT KRAKEN - FIRST ITERATION - Producer, Level Designer, UI Designer, 2D Artist

November - December 2021

Team of 3 / Unity 2D / Single-player Arcade Game


CORE FENDER- Game Designer, 2D Artist

Global Game Jam - February 5th, 2023 (10 hrs)

Team of 6 / Unity 2D / Single-player Arcade Game

Our submission for the 2023 Global Game Jam.

Core Fender is a single-player arcade game where a poor little egg has been condemned to fend off evil encroaching roots from the earth's core. If even a single root breaches the center of the world, a great calamity will befall mankind. Use keys A and D to move around the core, and the left mouse button to chop down roots. Use the handy dandy mini-map to watch every corner. Don't let any root touch the core or it's game over!

Gameplay Video

Environment Rotation

FRUIT TEA - 2D Artist, UI Designer, Level Designer

September 2022 - December 2022

Team of 5 / Unity 3D 

blockout light
blockout dark
ideation (lines) two
work in progress
sketch iteration one (p2)
sketch iteration one (p1)
ideation one
ideation one
sketch iteration two (p1)
sketch iteration two (p2)
1 dark_bg.png
0 materialRefs.png

BOOK OF SENSES - Art Direction, 2D Artist, 2D Animator

October - November 2021

Team of 4 / Unity 2D / Interactive Journaling Tool

An open journal for players to release their thoughts to receive blooms of flowers in return.



September 2021

Unity 2D / Single Player Arcade Game

A game inspired by a childhood memory of mine––Catch as many cats as you can with your cardboard boxes, but don’t be too careless or you’ll find yourself trapped by your own hand––as once the boxes are thrown on a cat they won’t budge again.

HUO - Solo Developer

September 2021

Unity 2D / Narrative Adventure Game

Huo is based on the literary piece of fiction Ammon, written by Maggie Siebert.
The title is a Chinese homonym––a play on words––meaning both “fire / 火 / huǒ” and “life / 活 / huó.” 


GHOST GUESS - Solo Developer

October 2021

Discord Node.js / Interactive-Bot Murder Mystery Logic Puzzle

Ghost Guess’s host is the bot Snuffle, who directs you through the story of their friend being murdered at a party. They hope that you can help figure out who the culprit is by interviewing the group of friends that went, deducing from their statements who is the killer.


ELEMENT WAR - Solo Developer

May 2020

Game Maker Studio 2 / Single Player Card Game

Inspired by Club Penguin's Card Jitsu, be the first to either win three of one card, or one of each card!

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