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Hello !!


I'm Allison––a Taiwanese American game designer hailing from Shanghai, China (though currently stationed in New York!). Ever since I was young, I have been enthralled by the concept of constructing fantastical worlds with crazy places and creatures inside. As a result, I became fascinated by the stories told through creative mediums––whether that be through traditional art, video games, toys, or any other form. 

As a child, I never had the opportunity to play many video games since my family was against them. There was always a looming stereotype that all games were "violet" and “brainwashing.” I wish to help people become more aware that games are not just instruments of distraction, but instead a culturally important art form.

In my free time, I coach swimming and build custom mechanical keyboards. I also work on my small business––Artnomalli––often doing so while immersed in a good ole audiobook. :D

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